Posted by: nuwanbmv | May 15, 2009


1The following list illustrates the historical sites in Sri Lanka named as ‘World Heritages’ under the International Convention on Protection of World Culture and Environmental Heritage which was passed by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO.

1. Anuradhapura was inscribed as 200th World Heritage site by the 6th convention of the UNESCO held in Paris, France 1982.3

2. The Old City of Polonnaruwa was accepted as the 201th World Heritage site at the summit UNESCO held in France in 1982.

3. Sigiriya was declared the 202th World Heritage site at the summit of UNESCO held in 1982.

4. The Tropical rain forest of Sinharaja was declared as the405th world heritage at the 12th convention of5 UNESCO held in Brazil.

5. City of Mahanuwara (Kandy) became the 450th world heritage site at the same convention.

6. The Dutch Fortress at Galla (Galle) and the Old City became the 451th world heritage at the same conference.

7. The Golden –summit Old Temple at Dambulla (Rangiri Dambulla Rajamaha2 Viharaya) became the 561th world heritage at the conference held in Tunisia in 1991.

Accordingly, there are seven (07) world heritage sites in Sri Lanka and five of them are being managed by the Central Cultural Fund.

UNESCO has named 851 heritage sites all over the world by the beginning of5 year 2008. Of them, 660 acquire a cultural and archaeological validity. There are 166 environmental heritages. Another 25 sites have been identified possessing historical as well as environmental importance. Majority of World Heritage sites are found in Europe and North America.


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