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  1. Dear Manoj,

    I am very happy about your website. I hope you are studying in Neluwa. How do you acquire your IT knowledge to come out with your website. You are a good example for our children. I have heard about your village when I was schooling. However I had no chance to visit your village. I like to visit your village with my family on my next visit to Sri Lanka. Can you send me a photograph of Neluwa town. I like to spend at least few days in your village. Please write to me when you are free.

  2. Dear Manoj

    I m Dilip from Hikkaduwa. I never visit Neluwa, so I have plan to visit your area. so let me know what is the best visiting place s to neluwa, and one day will enough to tavern. plz, give your contact number. my number is 0776700275.


  3. hi

    very interesting site i think u have lot of talent and u will go so far i wish u all the best with u further

    and do u know any Tea land for sale around ur aria pls if u know give me some information about price and etc.

    by the way my name is Tivon Prasad Kankanamga and i am living in galle with my friend

    thank you!

  4. Hi Manoj

    Congratulations by your very informative blog. It is great to see a young man like you writing about local nature and culture. I am interested to trade seeds of local fruits with you, please email me.

    Best Regards


  5. This is a wonderful site. I was looking at the meaning of a mask that a Sri Lankan I worked with in Iraq gave me and came across your site. You are a lucky person to have such a beautiful villiage & country. There is strife for freedom in every country but why anyone would want to leave a wonderful place like that to come to the US with it’s horrific pace and strife I don’t know. Many are fleeing terrible political situation or looking for the grass to be greener. Like my children when they wanted to leave Alaska and go see the big cities of the lower 48 states or our son who joined the military to see the world. But thank God they decided as mature adults to come home to have their families. God bless you and your family and for sharing the wonder of your country.

    Andi Miesler
    Chugiak, Alaska

  6. Are the masks based on different cultures as well?



  7. I want to congratulate you, I just was browsing for leafy vegetables , some how ran into your article .

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